Let me help you…

I have 20+ years of expertise in health and racial equity, behavioral health interventions for historically marginalized groups, and mixed methods research. I also have expertise in leadership development and organizational management, with a particular interest in training the next generation of research leaders.

As the founding director for several groups and organizations within the research enterprise, I am especially interested in centering strategies for success among historically marginalized groups, maximizing human potential, elevating social experiences, and providing equitable impact in communities and organizations. I consider myself a “community practitioner” interested in developing efficient tools and systems that activate positive, strengths-based outcomes for those most in need. As an experienced research leader, I have learned a lot from my previous projects, which puts me in a wonderful position to help you.

My Research Leader Development Model applies five (5) principles of research leadership so that leaders can effectively serve as both visionaries and managers of their research programs.

Through a series of training sessions and materials (e.g., 3-hour boot camps, 1-hour coaching sessions, regular check-ins, and toolkit resources) I provide research leaders with direction and expert consultation on the strategic and effective leadership of their research programs. My sessions provide research leaders with consultation on the following aspects of their research programs:

      1. Organizational chart, operating budget, and approaches to staffing team roles
      2. Development, approaching potential funders, and disseminating products
      3. Management of staff, advisory committee, and research team 
      4. Strategies for balancing research leadership, scholarship, and personal life
      5. General knowledge of the role of a research leader

For more information about my executive coaching and research leader coaching, please contact me directly.